I live in a building that is a cross between a dormitory and an apartment. In 2007 I kept my food in my room for safety until I found a mouse in my room. Then I kept most of my things in cupboards in the shared kitchen. At least 30 people have access to the kitchen; furthermore, anyone can enter the building (and the kitchen) without a key. Only the bedrooms are securely locked. In the past year my dishsoap has disappeared three times and an occasional fork or spoon was taken, but today I lost some significant items.

All my dishes are gone: bowls, plates, and plastic containers. My most useful frying pan and a small saucepan. Several other convenience items and foods are missing. It’s not surprising that a thief would remove locks, but this thief takes the time to put the locks back!

Until I have a solution, the floor of my small room is littered with cooking equipment. Foods that a mouse would enjoy must remain in the kitchen. I met a neighbour while I was taking things back to my room and he says he’s lost cooking oil, dishes, and other items. Someone here is robbing from all of us. Even if I could cook, I don’t have anything left to eat from.

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  1. Lev uchitel Says:

    poor Justin
    Next time you live your things outside don’t forget to leave
    a note that who will take your thing will have a dish that is served cold 🙂

  2. Tanya Says:

    Justin, sorry to hear that… but at least you didn’t get any hurt physically cuz at first I saw the subject I kind of imagined u and a strong robber fighting a bit…

    Trying to move to a safer place and take good care.


  3. Justin Says:

    The best aspect of this apartment is the neighbours, but I wish there is more security in the kitchen. I haven’t had any time for shopping, so I must eat every meal at restaurants ~~太贵了吧!

  4. Sylvia Says:

    Hello, Justin. Where r u now? In which country? I think u can be anywhere in the world.

  5. Justin Says:

    I’m in Canada. The city is Halifax (哈利法克斯).

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